Work in a sandbox environment before going live.

Hurdle offers a sandbox environment where you can build and test your application with test data. You should use this environment throughout your implementation phase. Once you are ready to go live, simply switch the API keys and endpoint URLs to go live.

Main characteristics of each environment

Build and test your application
Create free account
Provides test data
Give all your developers access
Orders will be shipped and charged
Requires real payment
Limit who can access

How to access sandbox and production

Our API reference explains how you can integrate with our platform using our Rest APIs and webhooks. In short, we expose the following domains:

  • api.hurdle.bio for production
  • api.sandbox.hurdle.bio for sandbox.

Similarly, our web applications are powered through the same domain in production (ie app.hurdle.bio/register) and the same sandbox subdomain for the sandbox applications (ie app.sandbox.hurdle.bio/register).

You can access each environment with its respective set of credentials and API keys (see Authentication), so be sure to create and use the right ones.


Create free developer account

Create your free sandbox account to start building.



This guide uses the production URLs in all the examples. Do remember to use the sandbox URLs instead while working on your integration!

What’s Next