Placing a phlebotomy order

You will need to know the product code of the test you are ordering, and the test must be a type that allows a mobile or in-clinic phlebotomy.

  1. (optional) List clinics that can provide a phlebotomy for the test being order. For mobile phlebotomy, this will only return a single option since the phlebotomy is carried out at home. See availability for in-clinic locations.
  2. Choose an appointment slot for the preferred clinic, date and time.
  3. Create an order providing the desired appointmentSlotId in the request body.

Mobile phlebotomy

Mobile phlebotomy appointments transition through a number of statuses as an appointment progresses through the work flow.

The status of an appointment can be checked by retrieving the appointment using the phlebotomy appointment API and reading value of the status field.


  • REQUEST_RECEIVED - appointment request has been received
  • NURSE_ASSIGNED - a nurse has been assigned for the appointment
  • APPOINTMENT_SCHEDULED - an appointment has been arranged with the user
  • APPOINTMENT_COMPLETE - the appointment has been successfully completed
  • APPOINTMENT_CANCELLED - the appointment was cancelled and not rescheduled
  • SCHEDULING_ON_HOLD - appointment scheduling on hold until it can be arranged a time convenient to the user
  • AWAITING_ACTION - action required by Hurdle's CX team to contact the user for further information due to e.g. incorrect contact details, no response from the user after 10 days, or a request to cancel the appointment
  • DID_NOT_ATTEND - user cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment, or was not present when the nurse arrived for the appointment


As an appointment moves through the mobile phlebotomy workflow, webhooks are triggered by certain status changes.


Mobile phlebotomy appointments are available in all areas highlighted in red on the map below.

In-clinic locations


Clinic locations are marked on the map below with coloured pins indicating the network of each clinic.

This network is not limited to Phlebotomy