Details of which notifications are sent and when.

As orders and tests transition through various states, Hurdle can send notifications to the end customer to keep them updated with what's happening. Here is the list of notifications that can be sent (by default, all emails are enabled):

EventDescriptionEmailSMSCorresponding Webhook Event
Order createdOrder confirmation including items ordered, total amount, tax and estimated dispatch date.✅ (unless it's from a Shopify Storefront order)ORDER.CREATED
Order dispatchedSent when the order has been dispatched from our warehouse. It includes a link to the courier tracking if applicable. For at-home tests this is the first point you can access kitId for an order.ORDER.DISPATCHED
Order updatesDepending on the courier used, they will send order updates on estimated delivery time and when the order has been received.Courier dependentCourier dependentORDER.OUT_FOR_DELIVERY, ORDER.RECEIVED
Test registeredThe user has registered the test.TEST.REGISTERED
Test received at labThe test has been received by the lab (accessioned).✅ (COVID tests only)TEST.LAB_ACCESSIONED
Results readyTest results are ready to be viewed.✅ (COVID tests only)TEST.PROCESSED

See the Webhooks page for more information on the webhook scheme and more non-customer facing notifications.


Customising notifications

You can customise which notifications are sent. Emails are sent by default, but you might want to receive webhooks from us in order to send your own emails, in which case, we can disable all our emails. It can be more granular, for example, you could decide to get both webhooks and email for one event, and nothing for another.

To proceed with the customisation of notifications, please reach out to your account manager.