White-label customisation

Customise the physical and digital experience to your brand

What can be white-labeled

The complete physical and digital testing experience can be full customised to your brand.

This includes:

  • Physical kits
  • Digital user flows including registration and results dashboard
  • Emails
  • Clinical escalation's
  • Partner portal(e.g. in-house clinicians placing orders and consulting results)

How digital white-labelling works

A set of colors and logos is defined once for your account and then reused in any digital flows by passing a partner code in the URL parameter (see User flows for more details), or automatically when we detect a test kit is associated to your account.

Components you can customise

Logojpg, png or gif
Header background colourHex
Body background colourHex
Button colourHex
Homepage URLURL
Footer background colourHex
Footer text colourHex

Setting up


Setting up

Speak to your account manage configure you'r account.