Test registration

After placing an order for a test, the physical kit must be registered to an individual, allowing the laboratory to associate each sample with the correct person. We offer three approaches for registration.

Registration UI

We provide a ready-made user interface for the registration flow that your customers can use. The UI can be shown using the Hurdle brand, or customised to your own brand (see White-label customisation).

By default, users will be required to create an account with us (but under your brand if using white labelling). If you already handle user authentication on your platform, you can seamlessly link user accounts by generating short-lived user tokens and embedding an iframe pointing to our registration flow with the generated token. That way, accounts will be created in the background and users will be able to login to your platform and Hurdle in one go.

Registration API

Use our Registration API to develop a personalised registration flow. This option is recommended for those who wish to create a customised registration process without a provided UI.

Examples where you might use the Registration API include:

  • You want to add rich media such as videos to assist user with sample collection
  • You want to collect additional information about your users

Auto-registration at dispatch (only applicable to certain tests)

By providing the user's details at the time of order, Hurdle can configure automatic registration of the product when it is dispatched. This eliminates the need for the test taker to register their test kit when they receive it.

Examples where you might want to use the auto-registration:

  • Not wanting your users’ to complete a registration flow
  • Not needing to capture information such as the time the test was taken (however this data may be required for certain labs and products)
  • Being able to collect all necessary user details at the order time
  • Knowing that the person ordering the test will be the same as the person taking the test


Please check if the test you are using supports auto-registration before using this option.